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Chic and Cheap Nursery

Chic and Cheap Nursery is here to empower Moms of all walks (expectant, new, and veteran Moms) to create unique, beautiful, and affordable spaces for their children with original creative design ideas. Founder and editor Nicole Abbott began the blog while studying Architecture at Columbia University. When preparing for the arrival of her daughter Sophia she realized that her dream nursery was unattainable because everything seemed out of her budget, so instead of settling for less she got creative and figured out exactly how she could make what she wanted herself.

Fearless Formula Feeder

Fearless Formula Feeder’s (the FFF) magnificent tagline (standing up for formula feeders without being a boob about it) pretty much sums it all up. This site is a resource for Moms out there defending the use of formula and bottle feeding. It isn’t around to place blame or make women feel bad about themselves – it is here to provide transparent and detailed information to help Moms everywhere make informed decisions and support them in the choice that is right for their unique circumstances. Every Mom is different and faces different challenges in life, every Mom needs to make their own decisions.

A Little Pregnant

This blog was started by Julie as a way to chronicle her journey to, and through pregnancy, and has since evolved into much, much more. Julie has gone through an awful lot on her journey, including an ectopic pregnancy, a miscarriage, and a complicated third pregnancy, and she went through four rounds of IVF before she conceived and gave birth to her beautiful son Charlie. Julie swears and will give you her true honest to God opinions, and you can decide whether or not to keep reading.

Stirrup Queens

Melissa, blogging as Lollipop Goldstein, has quite the eclectic assortment of interests, hobbies, passions, and happens to be one of the leading online authorities in the adoption / loss / infertility community. Lollipop has a set of adorable twins whom she refers to as ChickieNob and Wolvog on her site. Lollipop has been named by the Wall Street Journal as one of the top Motherhood bloggers out there, and we can’t help but agree. She has written multiple novels, as well as a book about infertility and pregnancy titled Navigating the Land of If.

Birthing Beautiful Ideas

Kristen is a philosophical feminist and doula – a lady trained professionally to assist women in the birthing process. She is a graduate student in philosophy and enjoys cups of very hot coffee without interruption. She thinks an awfully lot about the work of motherhood and the social and political situation of mothers, and her writing her explores all topics relevant to women and mothers with depth, care, and a fair look at the complex variable situations which mothers are faced with.

The Shape of a Mother

This courageous and inspirational photographic site was created by a Mom who wanted to publicize the real beauty of a woman’s body after she gives birth. She got the inspiration for the site when she saw a woman lifting her baby carrier to get into a restaurant booth one afternoon, and although the woman was a healthy bodyweight and was relatively in shape, she had some sagging skin around her belly. Instead of seeing this sagging skin as a negative, the lady and leader behind the site was struck by lightning, and began collecting images of real woman and real bodies after pregnancy.
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