4 Common Legal Issues You May Face At Work

Protecting your employment will ensure financial stability as well as peace of mind. There are employment lawyers that work with employees to protect their future. These lawyers are well versed will all kinds of employment contracts and workplace issues. They can resolve any workplace conflict when they arise. In fact, employment lawyer can resolve issues amicably and ensure you still keep your employment. Issues include wrongful terminations, discrimination, harassment and workplace conflict.

An experienced lawyer will make sure that the employee is treated fairly and that employers are in compliance with federal and state employment laws. Common employment issues that benefit from a professional lawyer include:

1. Wrongful Dismissals and Terminations

There should be a very good reason for a company to consider a dismissal or termination. If the employee has disclosed trade secrets or violated company policy despite several warnings, these can be considered valid reasons to terminate the employee’s contract. However, there have been cases of wrongful dismissals and terminations where employees have not been given sufficient notice. For instance a computer programmer who has worked for a company for 12 years is dismissed without notice on the basis of incompetence.

There has been no history of any performance deficiencies. This is the type of dismissal that should be discussed with an employment lawyer.

2. Severance Package

When the employer has informed you that your services are no longer needed, the lawyer is able to negotiate your severance package that will benefit you. It is important you do not settle for less or sign documents without an appointed employment lawyer. Avoid arguing with your manager when put in this situation. Immediately seek your lawyer’s advice on the severance package and provide all the documents to the him or her for review. He or she will be able to negotiate a better severance package on your behalf.

If you have worked with a company for a long time and have been dismissed based on performance reasons, this could mean that the employer is trying to avoid paying your severance package. Seek an experienced lawyer immediately.

3. Discrimination and Harassment

Discrimination and harassment are unjust treatments to a person. These actions are unacceptable and employment laws are in place to protect employees from these actions. These behaviors are subtle at work and go unnoticed. You may not notice that you are a victim of discrimination or harassment. Discrimination can be based on race, gender, disability, religion, age and national origin. Employers always post anti-discrimination and harassment posters on the wall or have employee handbooks that clearly discourage discrimination.

Ensure to keep a copy the poster and handbook as they can strengthen your case. All these areas are covered by a reputable employment lawyer. If you are discriminated against, you can be entitled to a compensation for lost of wages and distress.

4. Violating Contract Terms

Breach of employment agreements are not uncommon. These agreements are legal and binding so any breach will require an employment lawyer to review the case. Failing to act in accordance to the contract terms such as not paying as per the contract agreement or asking the employee to perform duties beyond their contract job description. These are a few examples of an employment agreement breach. Another type of breach is when the employer terminates a contract without agreed notice.

Each contract is different and there can be many reasons for a breach of an employment contract. The best way to deal with this type of issues is to try to first speak to your employer and if they are not willing to reconsider, then it is recommended to seek a professional employment lawyer who can make your employer liable for the breach of a legally binding contract.


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