4 Reasons for Families to Do DNA Tests

The world of DNA testing is intriguing as you will never know just what you may find. You may have wondered if someone with the same surname is related to you or if you share a common ancestor. Many people do DNA testing for all kinds of reasons. The procedures for a DNA test is simple and outlined on the CRI Genetics website.

Some people may do this test out of necessity, while others do it out of interest to see where it takes them. Here are some of the more common reasons why people choose to do a DNA test.

1. To Establish Paternity

By doing a DNA test, you can tell beyond a shadow of doubt if someone is the biological father. This could help someone to get child support from the father if the father decided to walk away from his responsibilities. While many fathers will be willing to share the responsibility and be a part of the baby’s life, there are also others who will just walk away and leave the mother to bring the baby up by herself. It is also unfair on the baby to grow up and not have a father in his or her life. Sometimes a mother may prevent the father from seeing the child. The father can take the test and have the right to see his child. Establishing paternity is one of the most common reasons for this test.

2. Inheritance Rights

Occasionally, just like you may have seen in the movies, when both parents pass away, sometimes some unknown person steps forward to claim the inheritance by claiming that they are indeed the next of kin. People will do anything, especially when it comes to money, especially free money. A DNA test can prove whether this person has a legitimate claim to the millions left behind or if they were just a con artist.

3. Ancestry

Many people are interested in their ancestors. Some people just think about it while others think about it seriously enough that they decide to take it a step further. By doing a DNA test, people can find out more about their ancestors and where they came from. Perhaps they were related to someone very famous. On the other hand, they may also find out that they were related to someone infamous! The amazing thing is, you never know what you will find on such a journey and it can truly floor you!

4. Confirmation Of A Sibling

Again, the thing with some of the DNA testing can sound like it is from a Hollywood movie. However, this is also very real. For example, two people may have been separated and by some stroke of luck, may have bumped into each other and had a strong sensation that they were siblings. By doing a test, it can confirm that they are indeed siblings who were separated 50 years ago. A sibling DNA test will not confirm who the father is though. That’s a different test and one which the father has to allow.

Sometimes, DNA testing can be done to check a genetic disease and for other health-related issues. Some things are more important to some people and so they do a test to find out one way or another. DNA testing can change and enrich lives in so many ways. Imagine growing up as an only child only to find out you have an older sister and you eventually contact her and finally meet her. There won’t be a dry eye in the house!


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