4 Ways Your Children Will Benefit From Summer Camp

School is out for the summer and whether you just want your son/daughter to be more active or you need them to be looked after while you work, you begin to consider your options. While hiring a babysitter or sending your child somewhere to be looked after is a popular option, many kids get bored with this arrangement well before they return to school in the fall.

As a result, summer camps have gained in popularity. There are many ways that your child can benefit from attending summer camp and below are reasons why this option should be considered.

1. Get active

It happens all too often that children become lazy and bored during summer vacation. While it is their break from education, you still want them to be active. According to Statistics Canada, only about 5 percent of children ages 6 to 13 get the exercise they need and this number probably goes down during summer vacation.

Summer camp will provide your child the opportunity to get active. With the influx of fun and games that entail running, hiking jumping, and swimming, your child will be getting the exercise they need without even really realizing it.

2. Meet new friends

Your child probably has a group of positive friends from school and other community activities that they may participate in. However, you want to teach them the value in making connections and meeting new people.

Summer camp provides the perfect opportunity for your child to make new friends with people from other areas and from different backgrounds. By playing games and bunking with other children, your child will be able to realize common interests they have and make friendships accordingly. At summer camp, many kids are in the same situation, apprehensive about being away from home alone and having to fend for themselves. This provides the perfect environment for children to reach out to others and hone their social skills.

3. Learn new things

Like physical activity, you still want your child to stay sharp even if it is summer break. As the summer vacation progresses, children often want this too as they become bored and restless with no structure and a lack of meaningful activity.

Summer camp will allow your child to learn new things and participate in activities they may not have tried before. This can include staying in a tent or cabin, cooking, and finding solutions to problems that being in the wilderness can present. In doing so, your child will learn how to effectively problem-solve and build the confidence needed to be successful in other areas as he/she grows up.

4. Unplug

While technology has made processes dramatically easier throughout the years, it has also given rise to children becoming less active as most have access to a television, smartphone, tablet, computer, or video games. If your plan is to leave your child to their own devices with no structure, chances are they will make use of this technology excessively.

Instead of your child being cooped up and filling their spare time using technology, consider registering him/her with a summer camp. This will allow your son/daughter to unplug for the summer, step outside of their comfort range, and try new things.By attending summer camp, your child will learn that there is so much more to life than technology. With opportunities to play sports, spend time with nature, and discover artistic abilities, your child will be more open to taking a leap and trying new things as he/she reaches adulthood.


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