5 Lessons to Remember After Any Accident

There are varying degrees to an accident. It could be something as trivial as feeling discomfort for a couple of hours. It could be something as traumatic as leaving you on the sidelines and out of commission for several weeks, months, or even years. These things can and do happen.

That said, should a serious accident happen to you, it is imperative to refrain from doing and saying certain things to ensure you personally don’t get into trouble.

Unsure what to do following an accident?

Here are five things to remember after any accident:

1. Never Admit Fault No Matter What

We are Canadian. This means that no matter what happens we will profusely apologize. Even if something isn’t out fault, we will issue an apology and beg for the other person’s forgiveness.

However, if an accident takes place and you have been severely hurt, it is important to remember to refrain from saying you’re sorry. By admitting fault, you could potentially impact your own case, particularly if there are witnesses around who could hear or see something.

Whether it is an automobile accident or slip and fall accident, just keep quiet.

2. Don’t Sign Anything After the Accident

Once the smoke has cleared and the dust has settled, the party who is really at fault may get you to sign a document that lifts them of any fault or wrongdoing. You may be dazed, confused, or stressed, but you must remember to never sign any document, piece of paper, or record.

By signing on the line which is dotted, you could possibly eliminate your right to seek damages.

The only document that you should sign is one from the local police department.

3. Obtain Medical Treatment Right Away

A serious car accident, medical negligence or slipping and falling. If you have been seriously hurt, it is imperative to obtain medical treatment almost immediately.

A common mistake that many clients make is that they don’t seek assistance from their family doctor, a general physician, or the hospital. This is a crucial mistake to make, especially if you have been really hurt and you’re seeking damages.

Should this point be brought up in a court of law or during a mediation session, your chances of winning dwindle or the settlement amount you’re demanding may be lowered.

4. Take Pictures and Record What Happened

We all carry a camera with us at all times. It fits in our pocket, but it can snap thousands of pictures and record hours of video in good quality. The smartphone you take everywhere with you can be a great recordkeeper should something occur.

Shortly following the incident, it is important to snap as many pictures as possible. Whether it is a gigantic sheet of ice that lays in front of a convenience store or the massive destruction of the front of your vehicle, you must always take pictures.

Moreover, just in case your memory becomes a little foggy, it would be a good idea to write down exactly what transpired: before, during, and after. This way, you will always have a record of what occurred without having to resort to your memory that may omit a few things.

5. Seek Out an Accident Lawyer

Lastly, if you’re unsure of filing a claim or seek remuneration or you don’t want to go through the legal process alone, it would be a prudent move to hire an accident lawyer.

Accident lawyers specialize in a wide variety of cases, as you can see on this website. They have the experience, acumen, and skills necessary to ensure you get what you’re owed. If you want to be compensated for your troubles, then an accident attorney is needed.

Accidents happen. However, a lot of accidents that transpire day to day are easily avoidable. Whether it is a car accident or a slip and fall, much of the pain and trouble that ensue from negligence or reckless behaviour can be avoided.

Whatever your case may be, it is imperative to follow these suggestions in the event of an accident and perhaps even hire an accident lawyer as soon as possible.


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